Concepts and Prototypes

Multiphysics computer simulations to reduce concept and prototyping time by providing early insight into the system behavior for your design.  Early understanding reduces costly design changes later.

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Multiphysics Modeling

Challenging real-world engineering problems often involve interaction between multiple physical phenomena.  Simulations that can model these relationships are proven to provide insight into these complex interactions.

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Complex physical interactions are often difficult to understand, especially for non-technical clients and customers.  Simulation images and videos are useful in explaining how your design works.  This clarity is invaluable when explaining your product to regulatory agencies and organizations.

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How can we help?

System Insight Engineering is a modeling and simulation consultancy providing engineering solutions for a wide range of scenarios across the entire design lifecycle. From ideation and feasibility of initial concept selection to regulatory approval data and visualizations to boost sales, our combined 25+ years of modeling and simulation work can benefit you at any stage of a project.
With 25+ years of combined experience in finite element analysis and multiphysics model development we rapidly focus your team to see where computer simulations can be helpful, as well as help plan validation testing and dialoge with regulatory agencies. Using industry standard computational software and custom code as needed, we translate your project challenges into models that provide the system behaviors of interest to you. From the initial problem description through final result reporting, our collaborative approach ensures you get what you need as quickly as possible.
The greatest value we provide is in the interactions between physics models, in any combination of electromagnetic, heat transfer, mechanical deformation (including hyperelastic and viscoelastic), chemical reactions, or optical phenomena. For more than a decade our team has focused on medical device interaction with biological tissue. We have developed and validated mathematical models of tissue response to energy application, tissue viability, and changes in physical properties. Our team has presented results to technical and leadership teams and reported results to governmental regulatory agencies, marketing groups, potential customers, and key opinion leaders.
Contact us any time and together we can determine if uniting your expertise in your project with our expertise in modeling and simulation can provide the insight needed to move forward to conclusive, evidence based results.


How can you use simulation to shorten your time to market?

Contact us via email or the button to the right and we'll be in touch to discuss how computational modeling and simulation can be leveraged in your project to get to market faster.