Medical Device

Modeling the interaction between applied energy and biological tissue clarifies design and delivery unknowns when working toward a desired surgical effect.  Instead of multiple rounds of tissue testing, optimization and insight through simulation narrows the vast array of possibilities quickly.

Multiphysics Modeling

The real world includes the interactions between physical phenomena, shouldn't your simulations?  From fluid flow to heat transfer or electrodynamics to chemical reactions, and changing material properties, we have the experience needed to accurately model your engineering challenge.


One powerful tool available through simulation and modeling is to clearly see hidden physical phenomena through images and video.  Displaying the changes in hard to visualize characteristics like heat flow or electromagnetic fields illuminates complex scientific processes to non-technical audiences.


Physical System Models

Computational modeling brings the best mathematical models to your most complicated medical device design problems.  We are experts in energy tissue interaction and tissue heating reactions and have built simulations to address multiple aspects of surgical device design.

  • Thermal spread & tissue viability
  • Vessel sealing prediction
  • Capacitive coupling
  • Hemostasis prediction
  • End effector design changes
  • Device cooling & fluid flow
  • Catheter-based energy delivery
  • Tissue division & cutting rates
  • Generator power delivery
  • Sensor design & control algorithms
  • Alternate energy application
    • Electrical
    • Plasma
    • Optical
    • Ultrasonic
  • Optical system design
  • Tissue Deformation
    • Hyperelastic
    • Viscoelastic
  • Collagen contraction
  • Tissue Property Changes

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